/u/MyBrotherSanta on New build update removes casual limit and reduces casual rewards

Before the update I was always maxed out on sugar and gold anyway, so double rewards is not much of a draw, especially because green boxes generally get you low quality parts and pieces.

I play fleeted with my wife. We both used to have high rankings. But matchmaking being what it is, it is incredibly easy to catch a series of weird unwinable matchups based solely on luck. So you end up in a rank spiral where your ranking plummets. And if it goes too low, no more fleeting. Add to that the days we’ve found ourselves waiting more than a half an hour (!) for a ranked game, and we just stopped. Entirely. We play casual or we play events, but there’s nothing good about ranked anymore.

If playing ranked didn’t cost so much on a bad luck day, (let’s be honest, if you end up playing with people who aren’t really playing, or who lose their internet connection mid game, or worse, there’s no amount of hard work or skill that will single handedly get you a win) – if it weren’t for all that, then people might play ranked more. But right now there’s no fun involved in waiting forever just to risk big loses for mediocre rewards.

Me & the wife were playing this game before there even was a casual.

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