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A Black-Identifying Biracial Child’s Great Grandfather tells him about his buddy Santa, and his epic journey one Christmas Eve; it’s a multiracial, multi-generational family Christmas featuring Black Santa.

Jelani knows who he is. His Daddy is Black, his Mommy is white, and Jelani looks forward to growing up into a Proud Black Man like Daddy, and Granddaddy, and Great Granddaddy, too! It’s a video chat with Great Granddaddy today that will take him – and readers – on a journey with Santa as he tries to return to the North Pole in time for Christmas. Along the way, we’ll meet a diverse cast of African American characters with warm childhood memories of Santa’s kindness, who are excited to help him today.

Each illustrated scene stands as an individual piece of art. Every page promises new details to uncover upon a second and third reading.

Lets get to the parts our readers care about most: this book is FUN! “My Brother Santa; Great Granddaddy’s Christmas Storytelling Magic” has not only 2 cats but one dog AND a reindeer, AND a cowboy! There’s a party, and an ATV, and a train, and a surprise on the last page!

And, oh yeah, there’s Black Santa!

“My Brother Santa; Great Granddaddy’s Christmas Storytelling Magic” was written by DaShan Thomas and Erica Thomas, and Illustrated by DaShan Thomas.

Key Themes Include: Family, Kindness, Self Love, and Black Santa. Order your copy today!

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