Author and Illustrator DaShan Thomas

Author and Illustrator DaShan Thomas has built businesses, software, and social media platforms. As an IT tech and programmer fluent in coding languages from AS3 to PHP, he has changed the online landscape with his own programming innovations.

He has contributed his art to the world as Lead Artist and Publisher of Equis Mortis, a popular and cutting-edge comic book series, and Illustrator for children’s books centering Black Family like “A Kiss From My Sister.” A graduate of the Academy of Art in Chicago, he has been a business owner and Entrepreneur his entire adult life.

He has mentored and assisted countless other Black Owned Businesses to success. You will find him in the acknowledgements and photo credits of many publications of the past two decades, such as the Shades of Memnon series.

His latest book is “My Brother Santa; Great Granddaddy’s Christmas Storytelling Magic.

In high school, an art teacher once criticized DaShan’s art focus. She told him “comic book art doesn’t make money.” This was the 90’s. Since that statement, comic book art has come to dominate movies, television, video games, marketing, and more. DaShan’s doing pretty well, too. No word on what Art Teacher Hater Lady’s doing these days, but if you run into her – or someone like her – don’t worry and don’t listen to them: they’re always wrong and couldn’t have possibly been any wronger. That is her legacy.



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