Author Erica Thomas

Erica Thomas has been in business with her husband producing software, websites, and total image management since the best special effect available on the web was blinking text.

Since then, she has helped produce unique software solutions and customized web projects of both large and small scale. Through supportive engagement, leadership and founding, she has been involved in women’s business organizations for over a decade. She is fluent in a dozen coding languages but still returns to the elegant journeys of the written word where she began. As a graduate of Roosevelt University’s Journalism school in Chicago, she has been a business owner and Entrepreneur her entire adult life.

One of the characters in her latest book, “My Brother Santa; Great Granddaddy’s Christmas Storytelling Magic”, was inspired in part by her husband DaShan Thomas’ Grandfather. One of the greatest honors of Erica’s life was having the opportunity, years ago, to sit at Granddaddy’s kitchen table and listen with DaShan as Granddaddy told them the true story of his life. These visits with Granddaddy over the years would be among the greatest memories of her life. She strives to be a storyteller worthy of having listened to the very best.

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